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RETIRED – ROL Roseofsummer

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Fame VF+ x Rose of Araby

1992 Bay Mare

We are pleased to acquire this outstanding daughter of Fame VF+ from Quail Ridge Arabians. She has an outstanding track record as a top level producer and we are excited for her future contribution to our breeding program.

Production Record:

1997 Padrons Fire Chestnut Gelding – Fireonfire
2000 Magic Dream CAHR Bay Gelding – QR Maximum Magic
2001 Magnum Psyche Bay Mare – Champaine N Roses
2003 Enzo Chestnut Mare – QR Zoe
2005 Enzo Bay Mare – QR Winter Rose
2006 Enzo Bay Stallion – QR Emelio

Arabian Horse Pedigree for ROL ROSEOFSUMMER

BAY EL BEY++ AHR*54146 Bay 1969 BAY-ABI++ AHR*12335 Bay 1957
ERRABI AHR*5473 Chestnut 1949
ANGYL AHR*4824 Bay 1948
*NAGANKA AHR*20338 Grey 1952
BAD AFAS PASB*958 Bay 1940
NAJADA PASB*518 Grey 1932
BEY SHAH+ AHR*134556 Bay 1976
STAR OF OFIR AHR*61852 Bay 1970 *BASK++ AHR*25460 Bay 1956
WITRAZ PASB*901 Bay 1938
BALALAJKA PASB*962 Grey 1941
LLANA++ AHR*29856 Chestnut 1964
GA’ZI AHR*5162 Chestnut 1949
ZARYN AHR*9796 Chestnut 1955
FAME VF+ AHR*268987 Bay 1982
RAFFON++ AHR*19040 Bay 1961 GAZON AHR*9875 Bay 1955
FERZON AHR*7723 Grey 1952
SCHERAFF AHR*2801 Grey 1944
VADRAFF AHR*5968 Bay 1950
INDRAFF AHR*1575 Grey 1938
INVASIA AHR*2817 Chestnut 1944
LETA ROSE AHR*47338 Bay 1968 GAMAAR AHR*25404 Bay 1963
NIGA AHR*11972 Black 1957
GAY-ROSE AHR*11891 Bay 1957
JUALETA AHR*20739 Chestnut 1962
IMNEYM AHR*10833 Chestnut 1956
KHA RAMAGA AHR*10023 Chestnut 1955
*ANSATA IBN HALIMA++ AHR*15897 Grey 1958 NAZEER RAS*247 Grey 1934
MANSOUR RAS*111 Grey 1921
BINT SAMIHA RAS*133 Bay 1925
HALIMA RAS*420 Bay 1944
SHEIKH EL ARAB RAS*228 Grey 1933
RAGIA RAS*317 Chestnut 1938
EL HILAL AHR*35261 Grey 1966
*BINT NEFISAA AHR*23223 Grey 1959 NAZEER RAS*247 Grey 1934
MANSOUR RAS*111 Grey 1921
BINT SAMIHA RAS*133 Bay 1925
NEFISA RAS*429 Grey 1945
BALANCE RAS*157 Grey 1928
HELWA RAS*351 Grey 1940
ROSE OF ARABAY AHR*336145 Bay 1985
JOKKAR AHR*14206 Chestnut 1958 ALLA-JO-KAR AHR*11232 Chestnut 1955
JOANKAR AHR*7249 Chestnut 1951
NAWARI AHR*2112 Chestnut 1941
ROKKARA AHR*7191 Chestnut 1951
ABU FARWA AHR*1960 Chestnut 1940
SOKKAR AHR*4115 Bay 1947
ARABAY AHR*41174 Bay 1967
ROABAY AHR*10173 Bay 1955 BEAU SABI AHR*2829 Chestnut 1944
CARAVAN AHR*1558 Chestnut 1938
MEHANAZEM AHR*1976 Chestnut 1940
ROABALAH AHR*3416 Bay 1944
ANSARLAH AHR*1281 Chestnut 1935
ROABA AHR*749 Bay 1930

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