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Boomerang NA x CFA Kanika

2018 Bay Colt

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Arabian Horse Fantasy Pedigree

*PADRON AHR*175389 Chestnut 1977 PATRON AVS*586 Chestnut 1966
ODESSA AVS*678 Chestnut 1973
PADRONS PSYCHE AHR*418979 Chestnut 1988
KILIKA AHR*266273 Bay 1982 *TAMERLAN AHR*181487 Bay 1967
*KILIFA AHR*226721 Chestnut 1972
BOOMERANG NA AHR*550605 Bay 1998
BEY SHAH AHR*134556 Bay 1976 BAY EL BEY AHR*54146 Bay 1969
STAR OF OFIR AHR*61852 Bay 1970
BINT FORTEYNA AHR*464635 Bay 1990
TW FORTEYNA AHR*107642 Bay 1974 *FORTEL AHR*82066 Bay 1955
TAPIOLA AHR*47771 Bay 1968
ALIXIR AHR*550705 Bay 1998 THE ELIXIR AHR*485090 Bay 1992
THE PREVUE AHR*517398 Bay 1994
JUSTYNN AHR*635323 Black 2007
BINT BINT JUSTINA AHR*541564 Bay 1997 THEE DESPERADO AHR*447044 Bay 1989
ALIJAMILA AHR*382614 Black 1987
CFA KANIKA AHR*664209 Black 2013
IBN LAYALIA AHR*506502 Black 1994 THEE DESPERADO AHR*447044 Bay 1989
LAYALIA AHR*452933 Chestnut 1989
EVENTIDES TEMPEST AHR*570994 Chestnut 1999
BINT KHABIRA AHR*513959 Grey 1994 SAUD EL AMEER AHR*156771 Black 1977
SES DAFINA AHR*415435 Grey 1988

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