Sale Horse Offerings: Mares/Fillies

Marguerite CFA
Stival x CCA Angelique
2010 Grey Mare

RT Pillow Talk
Magic Dream CAHR x Shahmira
1997 Bay Mare

Night Music CFA
Boomerang NA x RT Pillow Talk
2013 Bay Mare

Midnight Dream CFA
Boomerang NA x RT Pillow Talk
2015 Bay Mare

Moonlight Serenade CFA
Boomerang NA x Marguerite CFA
2016 Chestnut Filly

My Last Duchess
Boomerang NA x DM Althea
2017 Bay Filly

Tiger Lily CFA
Boomerang NA x RT Pillow Talk
2017 Bay Filly

SOLD – Thyme After Thyme CFA
SS Tesla x A Moment in Thyme
2014 Chestnut Filly

Town Treasure
Emerald Afire AA x AE Town Token
2006 Half-Arabian Bay Mare

Town Tribute CFA
Boomerang NA x Town Treasure
2016 Half-Arabian Bay Mare

Grand Commandd x Marguerite CFA
2018 Bay Filly

Ever After NA x Liberty Belle CFA
2018 Grey Filly

Trussardi x Miss Pryme Thyme
2018 Chestnut Filly

Vitorio TO x Liberty Belle CFA
2018 Grey Filly

SOLD – CCA Angelique
Fairview Klassique x Divine Aswana
1998 Grey Mare

SOLD – Lady Godiva CFA
Boomerang NA x AA Godiva
2012 Bay Mare

SOLD – Porscha CFA
KM Bugatti x AA Godiva
2015 Bay Mare

Sale Horse Offerings: Stallions/Colts

Boomerang NA x CFA Kanika
2018 Bay Colt

Exxalt x Miss Pryme Thyme CFA
2018 Bay Colt

Valor CFA
Vitorio TO x CFA Kept My Promise
2017 Bay Colt

SOLD – Victory Rang
Boomerang NA x CCA Angelique
2016 Grey Colt